Month: August 2021

Amana Takaful Insurance’s successful rebranding catalyzes its time-tested orientation: ‘To Every Sri Lankan as One’

Amana Takaful Insurance, has successfully refreshed its brand identity with a fresh logo and a lively brand message that emphasizes its time-tested service orientation to all Sri Lankans.  Fueled by the notion that Amana Takaful, unlike conventional insurance, is a win-win for both the insurer and the insured, this refreshed identity opens profitable opportunities for […]
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Amana Takaful Insurance launches Total Drive Prestige – a unique insurance cover for high-value vehicles

Amana Takaful Insurance introduced a breakthrough motor insurance product that is exclusively tailored for the owners of vehicles valued at Rs. 10 million or above. This product is an extension of the company’s motor insurance product range, and is titled “Total Drive Prestige”. The key value proposition of Total Drive Prestige lies in the fact […]
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