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3rd Party Cover – Annual Premium
Vehicle TypeStandard
Motor CyclesRs. 650/-
Three WheelerRs. 1,050/-
Private CarRs. 2,050/-
Dual PurposeRs. 1,050/-
LorryRs, 1,300/-
Quadricycle Rs. 1,050/-
Tractor – Trailer Rs. 800/-
Other Vehicles Rs. 2,050/-

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Standard Cover benefits : Liability to Third Parties

DescriptionPrivate CarsOther Vehicles
3rd Party Death & Bodily InjuriesUnlimited CoverUnlimited Cover
3rd Party Property DamageRs. 20 MillionUp to Rs. 15,000/-
3rd Party Special Cover Benefits – for Motor Cycles & Three Wheelers

    1. Personal Accident Cover (24 hours) up to Rs.50,000/- for the Participant as per the Company’s standard PAB Scale.

    2. Funeral Expenses of Rs.7,500/- in the event of death to the Participant

    3. Hospitalization Cover - In the event the participant is confined to a Hospital and obtains treatment as an in-patient in respect of Sickness (extracted 30 days after this cover obtained) or Accidental Injury, the Company will grant,
      1. If warded in a government hospital non-paying ward  - Rs.750/-  per each hospitalized day for maximum 15 days
      2. If warded in a paying hospital         - Rs.1,500/-  per each hospitalized day for maximum 15 days

      Cash grant shall be provided excluding the first day of the confinement at the hospital on the submission of the diagnosis card.

    4. Total Loss Cover Only for Motor Cycles (engine capacity 250cc and below)
    5. In the event the Motor Cycle is totally damaged due to a road accident and is beyond economical repair (as decided by a motor assessor) the Company shall pay the market value of the vehicle at the time of the loss.

N.B:-    Age limit to qualify for cover under sections 1 to 3 shall be 18 to 65 years of age. Please refer policy schedule provided for Terms, Conditions & Exclusions of above covers.

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