Amana Takaful ‘Suwasiri’ insurance scheme offers 100,000 Rupees and many more benefits for just Rs.2222 rupees per annum

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  • Amana Takaful ‘Suwasiri’ insurance scheme offers 100,000 Rupees and many more benefits for just Rs.2222 rupees per annum

Colombo: Amana Takaful (ATL) has introduced a revolutionary medical scheme that fits populace of all milieus and walks of life. Amana Takaful Insurance has drafted and come up with this unique “Suwasiri” health insurance scheme carefully taking into consideration the needs and life style of Sri Lankans.

Any individual or a company registering their staff and subscribing to this loaded health insurance scheme could look forward to receive a multitude of benefits for just Rs. 2222 a year. Amana Takaful Insurance is equipped with a quick and an easy insurance processing system in the light of sudden hospitalization. A 100,000 Rupee  insurance coverage, a daily imbursement up to 21 days in the event of hospitalization whether seeking treatments at a private or a government hospital, recompense of medicine purchased outside of a government hospital and hospital charges, operation theatre charges, channeling fees, and medical investigation fees are all covered under this unique ‘Suwasiri’ health insurance scheme introduced by Amana Takaful Insurance .

Sharing his thoughts, Mr Fazal Ghaffoor, CEO of Amana Takaful Insurance had this to say, “ Amana Takaful Insurance ‘Suwasiri’ could be aptly considered as a revolutionary addition to Sri Lanka’s Health Insurance Schemes. Our sole intention remains to promote and uplift the health and wellbeing of all Sri Lankans by making health care more accessible and affordable. We take pride in introducing the Amana Takaful Insurance ‘Suwasiri’ Health Insurance Scheme as it is bound to help you achieve the liberty that comes with a healthy life.”

Amana Takaful Insurance surely takes the forefront when it comes to introducing such exclusive health insurance schemes in making quality health care accessible to all Sri Lankans. Having their presence all across the country Amana Takaful Insurance has always been keen in addressing the insurance needs of their loyal clientele. Building up loyalty and providing protection to their clientele in the most fitting and effective manner, embedded with modern service facilities remain the success formula behind Amana Takaful. For more information please visit, www.takaful.lk or contact the Amana Takaful Insurance team on 011 750 1000.


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