Amana Takaful’s Suwasiri offers hassle-free, ready-made health insurance to all Sri Lankans

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Colombo: Amana Takaful offers Sri Lanka’s first-ever lowest premium health insurance policy that can be obtained with minimum documentation.

Suwasiri is a simple yet valuable medical policy for all Sri Lankans.  Lowest priced for just Rs. 2,222/- on a cover that extends to Rs. 100,000/- per annum. The old adage ‘health is wealth’ today can be construed to mean ‘you need to be rich to be sick’. Medical costs are soaring and almost impossible for a daily wage earner or even the domestic at home to seek remedy from a private hospital. Suwasiri takes the worry out!

Even if you seek treatment from a government hospital as an in-patient’ the policy provides a per day allowance up to 21 days. In addition, medicine and Laboratory and Radiology tests carried out at private institutions while being admitted to the Government hospital will also be reimbursed.

The process to obtain a Suwasiri is so simple it only requires a very basic proposal form and copy of the National Identity Card. This convenience facilitates a short turn-around time for the busy Executive, while for a factory worker, three wheeler driver of the domestic at home it’s a hassle free way of obtaining a medical policy.

Amana Takaful Insurance is committed to promote and uplift the health and wellbeing of all Sri Lankans by making healthcare simple, convenient and affordable

For 20 years, Amana Takaful Insurance has been the leader of the Takaful way of insurance in Sri Lanka, catering to all segments of the market. The Takaful way of insurance operates on the concept of bringing people together in a spirit of solidarity and mutual trust. Since its inception in 1999, Amana Takaful Insurance has been successful in establishing a strong position for the concept of Takaful amidst competition from established conventional players. As the pioneer Takaful provider, Amana Takaful Insurance operates 38 branches and is set to expand further to better serve customers across the country. Amana Takaful Insurance continuously reaches out to customers from all segments of society and offers innovative and state-of-the-art insurance products that are convenient, affordable and reliable – a part of its commitment to remain ‘Open to all’

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