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This policy is for those from the age of 55 until 73 years after which policyholders can renew cover each year for life.

KruthaGuna is a simplified one year cover that has been made worthwhile at times of difficulty.

Enjoy one of the best insurance for senior citizens in Sri Lanka.

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Sri Lanka has a population of over 20% above the age of 55. Although Medical insurance is the most cost effective way of managing any unexpected expenses due to hospitalisation, a policy for those above this bracket is almost an impossibility. Amana Takaful Insurance however, is the only Company that has a specific health cover addressing all medical concerns of a Senior Citizen. KRUTHAGUNA has been designed for those 55 years and above. The unique feature is that pre-existing ailments will be covered after the 1st renewal – thus providing the comfort of an insurance backing even for those with medical issues.

KRUTHAGUNA is the ideal ‘care gift’ that a son or daughter would want to give their parents in return for the love and sacrifices afforded by them. 

Entry age:

  • 55 until 73 years

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KruthaGuna is available in 3 schemes

Sum Covered

Rs: 100,000.00

Rs: 200,000.00

Rs: 300,000.00

Premium (All Inclusive)

Rs: 15,000.00

Rs: 30,000.00

Rs: 45,000.00

* Above benefits are subject to exclusion and other conditions.

KruthaGuna takes care of;

  1. Hospitalization Expenses
  2. Hospitalization also comes with a series of expenses in itself. Kruthaguna covers such expenses up to the limit obtained with a client contribution of 10%.

  3. Nursing allowance
  4. Many of us would like to give the best care available to our elders at home. This cover provides Home Nursing by a qualified nurse on recommendation of the Consultant/Doctor who treated during the hospitalization, to provide care from home following the discharge as an indoor patient.

  5. Pre-existing Waived Off
  6. We understand that pre-existing ailments such as Pressure, Diabetes and others have always been a bane in opting for an insurance cover. For the first time in Sri Lanka, Amãna Takaful has come forward to waive-off pre-existing ailments from the 2nd year onwards.

  7. Wheelchair Grant
  8. This policy takes another step further in helping you purchase a wheelchair for your loved ones with a life time cash grant, where the participant is considered by a consultant doctor to be physically incapable of walking.

  9. If hospitalized in a non-paying ward of a Government Hospital, KRUTHAGUNA will cater to;
    • A per day allowance ranging from Rs.2,000/- to Rs.4,000/- based on the policy obtained
    • Medical tests, prescribed to be done externally whilst hospitalized.
    • Drugs prescribed for purchase outside the hospital due to non-availability