General Insurance Solutions

Tuk Tuk Full

A new insurance scheme for ‘Tuk Tuk Full’ drivers.

Smart Rider

A smart insurance cover for motor bike riders


Aims to up support Low income earners.

Total Drive

Easy ways to avoid the customary hassle when making a claim.

Hale and Hearty

Reimburse all your hospitalization and surgical expenses.

Hale and Hearty - Young Minds

Peace of mind for parents

Hale and Hearty - Kruthaguna

The only medical policy for senior citizens in Sri Lanka.

Hale and Hearty - Crystalline

Tailored for ladies, providing coverage for treatment of ailments.


The most affordable health Insurance policy available.

Travel Pal

A policy which supports you during an unforeseen inconvenience during your travel

Business Cover

Tailor-made policies for the following types of businesses.

Easy Marine

Covers the loss or damage of any transport or property.

General Insurance Solutions

Why Us?

We believe in people. In an individual’s ability to care, to protect, give and achieve. We believe that as an organization, our fundamental goal is to be of service. While one of our main priorities is in line with community upliftment, today, we cater to every Sri Lankan, providing superior services and the best of overall insurance policies with authenticity and mutual care at heart. We take pride in our duty. Being the pioneer of the people-friendly approach to insurance in the nation, we stand by our reputation of ethical practice, dedicated for the people, by the people, for the benefi­t of all the people of Sri Lanka.

We are more than just insurance.
We create lifelong partnerships.
We make dreams - a reality.
We make life - a possibility.
We are people who care.
To every Sri Lankan, as one.
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“Finally! we found an insurance agent who is prompt, knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly, always finding us the best deal.

We are proud of continuing our business relationship with Amana Takaful Insurance and look forward to many more years of working together”

– Central Bearings & Machinery (Pvt) Ltd.

About Us

We have derived strength from diversity, enlisting all communities in Sri Lanka

Takaful is derived from the Arabic root-word “kafala” which means Mutual Protection and Joint Guarantee. Operationally, Takaful refers to participants contributing mutually to a common pool, for the purpose of mutual indemnity in the case of peril or loss. This arrangement is obligated through the tenets of Islamic Shariah quis nostrud exercitation.

Our Vision Our Mission Our Values
Vision Statement
“Committed to providing peace of mind through World Class Takaful solutions”
We will benchmark our delivery of value to that of world class service providers in terms of product and services, whilst upholding the principles of Takaful. Our delivery will reach all our stakeholders including customers, staff, shareholders, suppliers, regulators and the community at large.
Mission Statement

“We will stand apart from the rest by engaging all stakeholders, crafting unique insurance solutions, in a spirit of mutuality & solidarity.”

Our Values

Customer Centered : Interaction with customers. 

Open Mindedness : Changing the status Quo, seeking new ideas. 

Rise for Quality : A culture of continuous improvement. 

Diversity : Our soul & spirit.

Our Team

Team behind
our Success


Amana Takaful Group records remarkable growth of 1464% PAT for the first 9 months amidst the Covid-19 pandemic