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Illness is an untold burden which can affect anyone irrespective of age or status. Alarmingly, access to prompt and caring medical attention is a luxury today given the high cost.

Medical costs are escalating by the day making it difficult for the average person to afford. However, HALE N’ HEARTY Medical Takaful cover from Amana Takaful can help make such predicaments in life seem a lesser burden.

Amana Takaful has a wider range of medical covers that caters to every segment of society, from day one to 73 years and beyond.

Hale N’ Hearty is a must for every citizen.

KruthaGuna is a simplified one year cover that has been made worthwhile at times of difficulty.

Enjoy one of the best insurance for senior citizens in Sri Lanka.

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Why Amana Life – Platinum Plus Plan?


Amana Takaful, the only pure and pristine Takaful company in the island, offers you
Platinum Plus – a family protection cover that’s the best in its class. Platinum Plus offers you unparalleled extensive protection benefits, designed with you and your loved ones in mind.
The Platinum Plus cover is created with you and your family at the helm and will bring about a sense of stability by offering you financial protection, that is convenient and hassle free while supporting you at the time of your need.
The Platinum Plus plan is the most comprehensive life and hospitalization cover from Amana Takaful Life, the leading Takaful Insurance Company, and is the only Sharia compliant family health cover in the country.

  1. 14 Million Hospitalization Cover
  2. Having a medical cover is essential in this day and age because you never know when you might need it. The medical cover is not only to cover you in the event of an illness but also for any unforeseen incidents.
    Platinum Plus offers you a cover worth Rs.14 million - A comprehensive hospitalization cover that covers not only you, but your whole family (i.e. : spouse and up to 5 children ). This includes 135-day care surgeries, childbirth and also room charges as well as ICU charges in private hospitals. The policy also includes an overseas hospitalization cover option for Malaysia, Singapore and India.

  3. 10 Million Critical Illness Cover
  4. Critical illness such as a heart attack, stroke, by-pass surgery, and kidney disease can happen to anyone.
    The good news is, with today’s medical advances, you have a reasonable chance of surviving critical illnesses or even recovering from it.
    With Platinum Plus you and your spouse are covered for up to Rs. 5 million, for 30 listed critical illnesses.

  5. Life Cover
  6. The purpose of life insurance is to protect your family from the premature loss of your income and free them from financial worry, after the distress of your demise.
    The Platinum Plus Cover ensures financial stability for you and your spouse, while the cover itself can be increased up to 5 times.

  7. Cashless Facilities
  8. Cashless facility provides you with an easier option in the case of medical requirements, rather than getting the expenses reimburse it makes the treatment free of cost, resolving the need for waiting till the end of reimbursement formalities. With Platinum Plus you are assured that your financial crunch will be reduced, via a hassle-free bill settlement direct to the hospital. This allows you to focus on the important things while Platinum Plus ensures that your hospitalization charges are efficiently taken care of.

  9. A Personal Accident Cover
  10. Personal accident cover up to 5 times the basic cover. This includes a percentage of the sum depending on the severity of the disability.

    Other special features

    • Flexible terms (10-30 years).
    • Returns on investment are fully credited to your investment account.


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Why Amana Life – Flexi Life Plan?


For the 1st time in Sri Lanka, tailor-make your life insurance plan!

At Amana Takaful Life, we understand that our customers have different needs. While some of our customers have valued a Life Insurance plan with a high maturity value, some of you have preferred to have a high life cover, to ensure the financial stability of your loved ones. Having a well-designed Life Insurance plan is essential for a secure future to you and your family!

Flexible Payment Terms

Usually most life-insurance plans require a continuous monthly payment. The Flexi Life Plan’s payment terms can be customised to your preference, so you can complete the necessary premium payments in 3, 5 or 7 years, and continue to enjoy the benefits for as much as 30 years.

Flexible Financial Returns

With flexible payment terms, we also offer you the flexibility of choosing the level of life cover and the maturity value that would be most suitable for you. In simple terms, if you wish to have a high life cover protection, you can do so and reduce the maturity value. Or if you want to have a high maturity value you can do so and have a lower life cover.

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    Additional Benefits

    Hospitalization cover between LKR 100,000/- to LKR 300,000/- for you and your family
    An additional unlimited protection layer (top-up) that will enhance your life cover up to 5 times of the basic cover
    Personal accident cover up to 5 times of the basic life cover (Maximum amount: LKR 20,000,000/-)
    Critical illness cover for you and your spouse each, up to the value of the basic cover (Maximum amount: LKR 5,000,000/-per person)
    A life cover for your spouse (Maximum amount: LKR 1,000,000/-)


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