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We shield you only from Monetary loss, your life is in your hands.

‘Smart Rider Cover’ is a revolutionary insurance scheme that has been made for Motor Cyclists.

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Why Smart Rider?


Given the customer-centric philosophy of Amana Takaful Insurance, a revolutionary insurance scheme was launched under the name of ‘Smart Rider Cover (SRC)’ targeting this segment of two-wheelers and the riders. This value proposition for Motor Cyclists is the most attractive in the market and takes into account all the challenges faced by the community on a daily basis, to ensure their livelihoods are sustained. The policy includes a host of eventualities, to ensure that at any point in time, the policy holder is shielded from loss. ‘Smart Rider Cover’ covers natural perils, riot & strike and third party property damage. In addition, ‘Smart Rider Cover’ extends a comprehensive insurance cover against personal emergencies such as disability or hospitalization and funeral expenses.

“In terms of personal cover, the ‘SRC’ scheme offers Rs. 100,000 in insurance cover for 38 critical illnesses; Rs. 25,000 for funeral expenses for owner/named rider, spouse and children; Rs. 300,000 for permanent total disability due to accident and sickness; Rs. 300,000 as Death Cover and Rs. 750/- upto 10 days due to hospitalization.”

Smart Rider Cover Comprehensive Motor Takaful

For the named driver (between the age of 18-65)
Death CoverLKR 300,000/-
Total Permanent Disablement coverup to LKR 300,000/-
Critical Illness Cover - against 38 critical illnessesup to LKR 100,000/-
Hospitalization CoverLKR 750/- per day up to maximum of 10 days
Funeral Expense CoverLKR 25,000/- (per event and in aggregate, in case of a death of the named driver, spouse and children (between the age of 1 to 65)
Comprehensive Cover for the motor bike includes
Third Party property damage coverextended up to LKR 100,000/-
Riot & Strike Cover 
Natural Perils Cover 
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Why Total Drive – Prestige?


Total Drive – Prestige is a premium motor insurance cover designed for luxury vehicles valued at Rs. 10 million and above. Join a prestigious niche and experience 100% protection for your vehicle. Your choice is our responsibility. We guarantee 100% claim even if you fix your vehicle at your agent’s garage.

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    1. Owners Account Deduction waived off for 7 years from year of make of the vehicle
    2. Waiver of Agent’s Garage Excess
    3. Waiver of Deductions on Rubber Items (Except tyres)
    4. Call & Go: Enjoy an uninterrupted journey even when you face an accident 
    5. Personal Accident Covers up to:
      • Policyholder: Rs. 1,000,000
      • Each passenger: Rs. 500,000 (according to seating capacity)
    6. Accidental injury Hospitalization Covers up to:
      • Policyholder: Rs. 500,000
      • Each passenger: Rs. 50,000
    7. Air Bag Cover
    8. Alternative Transportation: Up to Rs. 12,000 per day
    9. Towing Cover: Up to Rs. 20,000
    10. Flood and Natural Perils Cover


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