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‘Smart Rider Cover’ is a revolutionary insurance scheme that has been made for Motor Cyclists.

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Total Drive – Prestige is a premium motor insurance cover designed for luxury vehicles valued at Rs. 10 million and above. Join a prestigious niche and experience 100% protection for your vehicle. Your choice is our responsibility. We guarantee 100% claim even if you fix your vehicle at your agent’s garage.

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  1. Owners Account Deduction waived off for 7 years from year of make of the vehicle
  2. Waiver of Agent’s Garage Excess
  3. Waiver of Deductions on Rubber Items (Except tyres)
  4. Call & Go: Enjoy an uninterrupted journey even when you face an accident 
  5. Personal Accident Covers up to:
    • Policyholder: Rs. 1,000,000
    • Each passenger: Rs. 500,000 (according to seating capacity)
  6. Accidental injury Hospitalization Covers up to:
    • Policyholder: Rs. 500,000
    • Each passenger: Rs. 50,000
  7. Air Bag Cover
  8. Alternative Transportation: Up to Rs. 12,000 per day
  9. Towing Cover: Up to Rs. 20,000
  10. Flood and Natural Perils Cover

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