Total Drive

A comprehensive motor insurance cover including the ‘Call and Go’ facility, free towing cover, free airbag cover and free personal accident cover.

Total Drive – Prestige

Total Drive – Prestige is a premium motor insurance cover designed for luxury vehicles valued at Rs. 10 million and above.

Smart Rider

A tailored insurance cover for motor-cyclists covering personal emergencies such as permanent total disability, hospitalization, death cover and 38 critical illnesses.

Tuk Tuk Full

A comprehensive insurance cover for three wheelers, covering personal emergencies such as disability, hospitalization, 38 critical illnesses and per day benets for loss of income due to various unavoidable circumstances.

3rd Party Cover

3rd Party Cover

Hale & Hearty

An extensive insurance package that can be purchased for you and your family that offers you a range of attractive medical benefits.

Hale & Hearty -Young Minds

An insurance package that provides any parent the peace of mind at the time of their child’s hospitalization, via a wide range of attractive benefits from the day your child is born.

Hale and Hearty – Kruthaguna

An all-inclusive health cover addressing all medical concerns of senior citizens designed for those of 55 years and above. With unique features such as pre-existing ailments being covered after the first renewal, “Hale & Hearty – Kruthaguna” is the ideal gift of gratitude from a child to a parent and is the only insurance cover for senior citizens in Sri Lanka.

Hale and Hearty – Crystalline

An insurance policy tailored specially for ladies up to the age of 40 years, providing treatment coverage to ailments common among ladies, in addition to common medical benefits.


The ideal remedy that offers a well -rounded cover for a very small premium per year. “Suwasiri” medical cover is the most affordable health Insurance policy available in Sri Lanka.

Travel Pal

This policy covers an overseas traveller in the event of personal accidents, injuries, emergency treatment in a hospital, permanent or total disabilities, loss of luggage and valuables, flight delay/cancelation and missed departure.

Business Cover

A comprehensive business insurance solution aimed at small and medium businesses, designed to indemnify business owners in the event of a loss or destruction.

Fire Insurance

Burglary Insurance

Business Interruption Insurance

Electronic Equipment Insurance

Boiler Insurance

Money Insurance

Easy Marine

This cargo protection plan provides coverage for losses or damages whilst on the ship, at the warehouse, or any accepted mode of transport through which your goods are being transferred – for an economical price.

Product Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance

Workmen Compensation

Personal Accident

Directors & Officers Liability